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Bangkok's Grand Palace

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entrance statue.JPG (215 KB) king niche.JPG (153 KB) two spires.JPG (133 KB) Emerald Buddha.JPG (137 KB) two temple guardians.JPG (176 KB)
Entrance Statue King's Niche Spires & Roofs Emerald Buddha Guardians

tower of flowers.JPG (147 KB)

pair of golden guardians.JPG (237 KB)

making offerings.JPG (164 KB)

bluegold palace.JPG (161 KB)

multicolored tower.JPG (168 KB)
Flower Tower Golden Guards Offerings Palatial Entrance Tower

gilded Garuda line.JPG (234 KB)

demon in Ramayana mural.JPG (197 KB)

NicoSteph.JPG (171 KB)

demons holding up gilt tower.JPG (189 KB)
Garudas Ramayana Demon Nico & Steph Demons