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Floating Market

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boat bow.JPG (146 KB) monks collecting food.JPG (148 KB) bridge with flags.JPG (132 KB) aboard our canal boat.JPG (156 KB) barges on canal.JPG (139 KB)
Bow Decorations Monks Collecting Bridge Flags Our Canal Boat Barges

fruit vendor paddling.JPG (148 KB)

souvenirs.JPG (166 KB)

boat traffic.JPG (184 KB)

hat vendor.JPG (153 KB)
Paddling in Pink Souvenirs Traffic Jams Hats Galore

pomelo vendor.JPG (169 KB)

lotus vendor.JPG (173 KB)

fruit vendor.JPG (164 KB)

fruit vendor in canoe.JPG (148 KB)
Pomelos Lotus Durian, etc. More Fruit