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Doi Inthanon Park

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first waterfall.JPG (146 KB) red rhododendron.JPG (102 KB) white rhododendron.JPG (174 KB) orchids.JPG (125 KB) second waterfall.JPG (155 KB)
Waterfall Rhododendron Rhododendron Orchids Waterfall
Kings stupa being upgraded.JPG (70 KB) weaver with bobbin.JPG (82 KB) back-strap loom.JPG (132 KB) yarn winder.JPG (105 KB) fire inside bamboo hut.JPG (74 KB) Queens stupa.JPG (86 KB)
King's Stupa Weaver Weaver Yarn Winder Fire Inside Queen's Stupa
Karen man.JPG (82 KB) leaf roof.JPG (157 KB) Daphne and Galvin from Singapore.JPG (88 KB) hill tribe women gardeners.JPG (201 KB) flower garden.JPG (181 KB) cup of tea with laundry done.JPG (104 KB)
Karen Man Leaf Roof Daphne & Galvin Gardeners Flower Garden Break Time