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Phi Phi Le - Ao Nang

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Claire shoots peacock.JPG (99 KB) Ko Phi Phi Le beach.JPG (126 KB) chicken head rock.JPG (75 KB) longtails on sandbar.JPG (60 KB) Ko Dam Khwan Flying Foxes by Claire).JPG (29 KB) Nina buys vegetables.JPG (93 KB)
Shooting The Beach Chicken Island Longtails Flying Foxes Veggie Market

Hat Ton Sai Claire Rockclimbing by Sim.JPG (43 KB)

big buttress roots.JPG (93 KB)

Sim and a gnarly vine.JPG (93 KB)

the trail descends.JPG (102 KB)

Sim cools off at waterfall.JPG (100 KB)

upper falls.JPG (98 KB)
Rockclimbing Buttress Roots Gnarly Vine Descent Cooling Off Upper Falls