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Ko Tarutao - Ko Phetra

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C-S on Ko Tarutao beach.JPG (35 KB) hike to Lu Du waterfall.JPG (101 KB) Jerry under the falls.JPG (87 KB) Claire ready to jump.JPG (73 KB) Claire looks for birds.JPG (87 KB)
Empty Beach Hikers Swimming Ready to Jump Birdwatching

Sim on rope bridge.JPG (165 KB)

Ko Tarutao Fish at Waterfall Pool by Claire.JPG (94 KB)

Sim feeds fish.JPG (93 KB)

Ko Phetra.JPG (61 KB)

house on north end of Ko Phetra.JPG (122 KB)
Rope Bridge Fish Fish Feeder Ko Phetra Ko Phetra House