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Ko Phanak & Phang Nga Bay

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Ko Phanak Phang Nga Bay karsts.JPG (56 KB) C-S enter long tunnel.JPG (60 KB) Nina and Sim look up in hong.JPG (89 KB) mangroves in hong.JPG (98 KB) Claire comes out of cave.JPG (149 KB)
Karsts Entering Tunnel Inside Hong Mangrove Coming Out

Claire at helm.JPG (55 KB)

prawn fisherwoman.JPG (54 KB)

C-S clean prawns.JPG (67 KB)

Sim fell in.JPG (60 KB)
At the Helm Prawn Seller Cleaning Prawns Fallen In

Claire tails while Jerry raises mainsail.JPG (73 KB)

C-S in kayak.JPG (89 KB)

Sims first row became a tow.JPG (76 KB)

Wat island sw of Phuket.JPG (113 KB)

Nai Harn stage for Chinese New Year.JPG (145 KB)
Raising Main Kayakers Row - Tow Wat Island Nai Harn Stage