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Chiang Mai

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monk in window.JPG (96 KB) bell tower with satellite antenna.JPG (66 KB) Wat Phan Tao facade.JPG (84 KB) Phra Kaew replica in eastern niche of Wat Chedi Luang.JPG (67 KB) Wat Chedi Luang.JPG (97 KB)
Young Monk Communicators Wat Phan Tao Phra Kaew replica Wat Chedi Luang
memorial to Princess.JPG (85 KB) Wat Chedi Luang temple artists at work.JPG (134 KB) painting butterflies on umbrella in Baw Sang.JPG (111 KB) silk bobbin winder in San Kamphaeng.JPG (135 KB) Wat Chedi Luang unrestored Naga.JPG (101 KB)
Princess Memorial Wat Chedi Luang Butterfly Painter Silk Bobbin Winder Unrestored Naga
bamboo basket maker in San Kamphaeng.JPG (75 KB) painting umbrellas in Baw Sang.JPG (107 KB) silver artist in San Kamphaeng.JPG (86 KB) silver artiste in San Kamphaeng.JPG (89 KB)
Lacquerware Umbrella Painters Silver Artist Silver Artiste