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Dutch Fort in Galle

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lighthouse.JPG (112 KB) gate.JPG (125 KB) brochure.JPG (269 KB) church.JPG (187 KB) burial-marker.JPG (117 KB) bell.JPG (121 KB)
Lighthouse Main Gate Sky View Dutch Church Burial Marker Bell Tower

wall-2.JPG (200 KB)

wall-3.JPG (206 KB)

clock-tower.JPG (177 KB)

wall-1.JPG (199 KB)

Lookout.JPG (193 KB)
Sea Wall Wall & Gate Clock Tower Land Wall Seaward Lookout

schoolgirls.JPG (218 KB)

walking-wall.JPG (199 KB)

street.JPG (129 KB)

mosque.JPG (105 KB)

band.JPG (217 KB)

dance.JPG (219 KB)
Schoolgirls Walking the Wall Street Mosque Band Practice Dance Practice