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Ailuk Atoll

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Emai.JPG (58 KB) handicrafts.JPG (76 KB) Shakehands.JPG (87 KB) coconutleaves.JPG (41 KB) CoconutCrab.JPG (108 KB)
Emai & Family Handicrafts Weaving Coconut Leaves Coconut Crab

Jerry Timaj.JPG (65 KB)

Pandanus tree.JPG (95 KB)

Kesia.JPG (86 KB)

Pandanus fruit.JPG (89 KB)
Eating Pandanus Pandanus Tree Pandanus & Coconut Pandanus Fruit

Jelken Grana Willma.JPG (78 KB)

Jelken Dije Nina.JPG (67 KB)

Bruce Abnor.JPG (68 KB)

buoy boat.JPG (73 KB)

makes fire.JPG (79 KB)
Jelken & Wife Jelken & Dije Lobsters Bringing Ni Making Fire