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120 Approaching Tahiti.JPG (44 KB) 122 Papeete, Tahiti Church and Racing Canoes.JPG (65 KB) 125 Papeete, Tahiti Rainbow.JPG (20 KB) 135 Arctracer Deck From Mast While Putting Penetrol on Shrouds.JPG (53 KB)
Approaching Tahiti Papeete Papeete Arctracer Deck

180 Unpolished and Polished Pearl Shells.JPG (34 KB)

150 Gauguin Museum - Nina With Tiki.JPG (72 KB)

165 Tahiti Gauguin Museum - Jerry with Statue.JPG (56 KB)

160 Tahiti Gauguin Museum - Hen With Chicks.JPG (35 KB)
Pearl Shells Gauguin Museum Jerry With Tiki Museum Chicks

170 Museum of Tahiti and Her Isles - Tikis.JPG (26 KB)

140 Papeete Brent, Kelly and Scott of Sounding Free.JPG (44 KB)

130 Papeete Bill(CA) Renee (Montana) on Sea Wife with Jerry and Nina.JPG (38 KB)

175 Papeete Marae Jerry, Jerry(Biologist from CA) John (CA) and Jack 4-Wheel.JPG (64 KB)
Museum of Tahiti Brent, Kelly & Scott Bill, Renee, Nina & Jerry Jerry, Jerry, John & Jack