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Moorea and Raitea In Society Islands

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510 Moorea - Cooks Bay on Right 2 Oponahu Bay on Left.JPG (38 KB) 520 Moorea - Arctracer is Anchored in Bay in Center of Photo.JPG (32 KB) 525 Moorea, Society Islands - Jerry Rowing.JPG (40 KB) 530 Moorea - Marae Religious Site with Jerry.JPG (64 KB) 535 Moorea - Marae Religious Site.JPG (67 KB)
Moorea Opunohu Bay Opunohu Bay Jerry at Marae Marae - Religious Site

545 Moorea - Jerry With Tree.JPG (39 KB)

540 Moorea - Carved Faces Seen on Hike.JPG (45 KB)

550 Moorea - Scene at One of Many Pineapple Plantations.JPG (57 KB)

600 Raitea Marae With Nina and Renee.JPG (78 KB)

610 Raitea Swimming In River Jerry Nina Renee.JPG (75 KB)
Buttress Roots Carved Faces Moorea Pineapple Plantation Raitea Marae Raitea River