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Huahine & Bora Bora In Society Islands

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310 Huahine Marae (Religious Site).JPG (70 KB) 315 Huahine Marae 1998.JPG (75 KB) 330 Huahine Turtle Petroglyph.JPG (57 KB) 320 Huahine Jerry by Marae.JPG (77 KB) 325 Huahine Religious Site.JPG (54 KB)
Marae Religious Site Turtle Petroglyph Jerry at Marae Marae Religious Site

335 Huahine Vanilla Beans Called Black Gold (Very Expensive).JPG (51 KB)

350 Huahine Blue-Eyed Eels.JPG (39 KB)

340 Huahine Jerry With Children Who Helped Us Feed Eels.JPG (65 KB)

360 Huahine Blue-Eyed Eels -Fed them Sardines.JPG (50 KB)
Vanilla Beans Blue-Eyed Eels Children Fed Eels Eels

400 Bora Bora From the Sea.JPG (44 KB)

410 Bora Bora From the Sea 2.JPG (33 KB)

415 Bora Bora From the Sea 3.JPG (43 KB)

420 Bora Bora From the Sea 4.JPG (51 KB)
Bora Bora Bora Bora Bora Bora Bora Bora