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Gambier Islands and Hao Atoll

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Aboard (36 KB) Flying Fish (25 KB) Pail (49 KB) Anchorage (39 KB) Emanuel (36 KB)
Resting Flying Fish Pail Overboard Mangareva Emanuel

Nina Jerry Suzanne Fritz (39 KB)

Hildegard Suzanne Fritz (38 KB)

Alice Patrick Hildegard (38 KB)

Jerry Emanuel (39 KB)

Hen (54 KB)
With Suzanne & Fritz Hildegard With Parents Alice,Patrick & Hildegard Jerry & Emanuel Gerd & Hen Trap

Susan Martin John Birgit Fritz (50 KB)

Trader (36 KB)

Headpiece (47 KB)

Headpiece2 (39 KB)
Party at Fritz's Boat at Hao Headpiece From Titua Hao Headpiece