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2014 Family Island Regatta - Class A

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A Start.JPG (127 KB) Upwind Afternoon.JPG (113 KB) A Race.JPG (135 KB) APortTack.JPG (136 KB) ALeaders.JPG (140 KB) SouthernCross TidaWave.JPG (133 KB)
Start Upwind Afternoon Downwind Port Tack Leaders "Southern Cross"

Boom Repair.JPG (195 KB)

Tida Wave Pry.JPG (153 KB)

Spectators.JPG (189 KB)

Two Prys.JPG (148 KB)

RunningTide TidaWave.JPG (136 KB)

Running Tide Happy.JPG (165 KB)
Boom Repair "Tida Wave" Spectators Two Boat's Prys "Running Tide" Win "Running Tide"

Legend Pry.JPG (162 KB)

SouthernCross Win.JPG (142 KB)

Lady Muriel.JPG (82 KB)

Legend at Sunset.JPG (66 KB)

Post Mortem.JPG (157 KB)

GoingHome.JPG (103 KB)
"Rupert's Legend" "Southern Cross" "Lady Muriel" "Rupert's Legend" Post Mortem Going Home