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About Our Photos

The photographs here are some of the many we have taken during our travels. We chose these particular ones for a variety of reasons. Some help to capture the essence of a particular place or time. Some remind us of people we enjoyed meeting. Some we just thought pretty enough to share. We hope you enjoy them.

We maintain ownership of all these images. You may copy them from our site pages for your own viewing pleasure, but for any other use please ask our permission. If you are interested in making high-resolution copies please contact us. We will probably be happy to provide versions of MUCH BETTER QUALITY. Almost all images available via this website have been reduced in resolution to 640x480 or fewer pixels so they will not take too long to transmit over Internet connections. With more pixels you can zoom images to greater magnification and make prints of higher quality. Our Panasonic DMC-FZ1 camera captured images of 1600x1200 pixels. Our present Panasonic DMC-FZ18 can capture images of 3264x2448 pixels (8 megapixels) but we have constrained it in the past to 2048x1536 pixels (3 megapixels) because it seemed to us the best tradeoff of photo quality versus storage space. Recently we have started using its 5 megapixel setting since we have more electronic storage available. Similarly, our Olympus 850SW can capture 8 megapixels per photo but we usually set it for only 3 megapixels. The images of 3 megapixels in our files are much higher quality than the typical 0.3 megapixel images displayed on our site pages. Therefore, much better resolution for all relatively recent photos is usually available by contacting us instead of simply copying the image directly from this site.

If we show photographs here which touch on your interests, then we may have additional photos which you also might like to see. Contact us and we may be able to help. We generally take far more photos than we put on this site.