About Our Letters

These letters were written primarily to our family to let them know what we were doing. They tell about people we have met and places we have seen. We hope you find them interesting. Please keep in mind, however, that most of them were not intended to be published or distributed widely. The opinions expressed are personal, and we hope you will not take offense at any of our offhand comments. Some of our later letters were written knowing that other cruisers would read them, so we included some GPS waypoints and other bits of interest to fellow-cruisers. We do not attempt to provide complete coverage of any particular subject, and some parts of our travels are covered better than other parts. If you want further information on any of the places or subjects mentioned here, try an Internet search.

Near the end of each year we have sent a "Seasons Greetings" letter to our family and friends. This has included a brief summary of our year's travels. We have put this collection of annual summaries here too, since you may sometimes want to see a quick overview instead of reading several long letters.

The index to these letters is ordered from latest to earliest. That is, the latest letters are at the top of the list while earlier letters are farther down the list. This is because people who are following our travels are more interested in reading our latest letters, and the earlier letters do not have any real "news" for them. The dates are somewhat out-of-order because we have chosen to group letters by country. The country and date headings will help you go quickly to older letters of interest to you. Each letter has internal links to earlier and later letters, so you can quickly move from one to another without going back to the index. Some letters also have links to our photos of places described in the letters.

You can change font size to make these more readable. In your browser click on "View", then "Text Size" and choose the size you like. (Some browsers have a "Zoom" option instead.) Some browsers also have the keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl" with "+" to make text larger and "Ctrl" with "-" to make text smaller.

We do not want these letters or any excerpts from them copied for wider distribution without our explicit permission.