"Arctracer" Letters

Arrived Mooloolaba, June 2001

We left Coffs Harbour with "Arctracer" on Saturday the 23rd of June. We had a very slow trip to Mooloolaba in Queensland. It took 4 days with very little wind. We arrived here early Wednesday morning with LOTS of shipping traffic going in and out of the port of Brisbane. It may be the last time we sail our schooner and that is very sad, but.... life goes on.

Jerry is about ready to go check email at the library here. Tomorrow he will be taking a bus from about 9:30 a.m. until 9:15 p.m. back to Coffs Harbour to get our car. Then we'll be going to pick up the catamaran and will be busy moving aboard.

The new Trade-a-Boat magazine for July is out. We found out when a man from Hobart in Tasmania called to ask some questions about "Arctracer." He is interested in buying a traditional boat and wants us to send pictures and more information to him. We have placed an ad to sell "Arctracer" in it for two months. Hopefully someone will want her and have as much fun in her as we've had.